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About Me

Barry M Ion.

I was born in Whakatane, New Zealand in 1958 and grew up in a mid sized mainly company town Kawerau, that is most of the towns inhabitants worked for the same company. We even had a siren waking everyone up at 6am to get ready for work.

My grandfather Harold Ion was the headmaster of the school I went to and then became deputy mayor. It was a close knit community.
Milk was delivered by horse when I was small and so the town had an overall quaintness about it that I'll never forget.
We moved to Rotorua when I was 11. A midsized city with a large lake, Rotorua is a popular tourist destination and the cultural heart of indiginous New Zealand. There I continued my education and enjoyed city living.
When I was 18 I moved to Auckland where I trained in plastics engineering. This included setting up and programming plastics injection moulding machines.
At 22 I moved to Sydney Australia, where I continued my plastics career and then migrated into computing technologies. This I found very exciting and embraced it with a passion. I studied hard and found this grounding handy and very rewarding.
Life in Sydney is great and full of excitment and opportunities. I love it here and Sydney is the best city in the world in my opinion.
I became a computer consultant and enjoy developing business relationships with many clients I have met over the years. 

I studied music for many years and I still pursue this art-form with a passion.
Playing guitar has always been my favourite but I play keyboard, harmonica and didgeridoo as well. Recently I have been involved in producing music with computer technology and combining this with acoustic and electric guitar to create mixes of electronica, ambient and surreal aural textures of sound.

I studied for a degree in Film and I am now a freelance filmmaker. I also work on projects with LME Productions, a video production company that offers all aspects of film, television and video production services. From concept through to post-production, LME produces music videos, web videos, and corporate videos, as well as independent projects, be it documentary, short or long format film. They are based in Sydney, Australia.

LME have a team of directors, videographers, cinematographers, animators, editors and copywriters, whose collaboration allow each project to have a unique and effective vision from the outset. To ensure a seamless delivery, LME Productions crew plan every shoot down to the last, meticulous, detail.
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